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2018 Moderator Recruiting

Welcome to recruitment for the  2018 VGChartz Moderator team!

We have gone through our longest stretch in memory since the last wave of new moderator recruitment.  Many moderators have stayed active, and the team has a broad base of experience at this point.  It's important to us to keep our group fresh, with new opinions and the enthusiasm that new moderators bring.  With that, we'll be adding a few new members to our team.

We're looking for great users to help us build a great team, and a great community.  We're looking for moderators that bring something excellent to the table, perhaps including some of these qualities:

- A Positive attitude
- A Focus on Teamwork
- Time
- The motivation to contribute
- Patience and a thick skin
- Consistency
- An ability to challenge the process in a constructive way that makes it better

If this describes you, please complete the application below and PM it to me with the subject line "Mod Application - (Your Username)".

Here's the Application:   

1. Username?
2. Age?
3. Country and Time Zone (Preferably use GMT +/-)
4. When are you typically on VGChartz (in your time zone)?
5. Which gaming systems do you own?  What are your favourite systems and games?
6. What do you think makes somebody a good moderator and how do you fit that description?  Why do you want to be a moderator?
7. Would you change any of the forum rules, or the way those rules are enforced?
8. Do you have skills in MS Excel, or another similar platform?
9. Is there any section of the forums that requires a different moderation style?  How would you moderate it?

That's all!


Questions and Answers About the Process:

Q1: How many moderators are you recruiting?
A1: We are aiming to hire up to 3 moderators this time around.  That said, as always, the number of moderators that we recruit will depend on the number of strong applications that we receive.


Q2: Do I need to apply if I've applied before?
A2: Yes. 


Q3: Where do I send my completed application?
A3: PM it to me, Miguel_Zorro.  I'll acknowledge each application "Received".


Q4: When will I find out if I become a mod?
A4: The new moderators will be announced by end of April.


Q5: When do I need to submit by application?
A5: By 8PM EST on Monday, April 9th


Q6: What time is 8PM EST?
A6: 8PM Eastern Time.  Eastern Time is UTC - 5.  It's the same as 1AM Sunday in London, England.


Q7: What if I'm a few minutes late?  What if I get the time wrong?
A7: You'll want to get it done and send it over several days early so that this doesn't come up.


Q8: I've been recently moderated. Can I still apply?
A8: Moderation history will be considered and having a history as somebody who sets a positive example helps.  If your moderation history is particularly lively, it's going to be tough.  You'll definitely want to address that in your application.


Q9: Will I receive feedback about my application?
A9: Due to the volume of applications that are typically received, applicants will be notified if they were successful or not.  Detailed feedback will not be provided.

Last edited by Miguel_Zorro - on 01 April 2018

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Good luck to the fool brave candidades, and Rol.

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Dont you guys have more moderators than actual active members?


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BasilZero said:
Dont you guys have more moderators than actual active members?

More then you have friends

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kirby007 said:
BasilZero said:
Dont you guys have more moderators than actual active members?

More then you have friends




Also would be amazing if this site has more members than the number of friends I have but I don't see it.

Edit: Whoa, you are a "league admin", must have been desperate :P.


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Good luck to those applying!

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BasilZero said:
Dont you guys have more moderators than actual active members?

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