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Forums - General Discussion - Can My Apartment Do That?

StarOcean said:
VGPolyglot said:

It'd probably be easier if you lived with your girlfriend because that way there'd be more of a likelihood that someone is home to walk the dogs.

Well she lives with her parents who hate dogs. They wouldn’t let the dogs or me (cause of my dogs) live there, unfortunately XD

Dogs are pretty high maintenance, I don't think I'd be able to handle having one on my own.

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StarOcean said:
Azuren said:

Give your dog to your parents or a friend before you get half of her throat removed. A better option would be a bark collar (it pings a high pitched sound when she barks, causing discomfort to her ears and discouraging barking; significantly more humane than removing her voice box).


No more than a normal employee does. 

I’ve thought about trading my beagle for my moms mini poodle (who is potty trained and doesn’t bark) for a for months until she can be properly trained. Though I have considered getting a bark collar. But my gf is under the impression it physically hurts the dog so she’s pretty against it >~>

She's right. It does hurt the dog.


Unfortunately, you can't ask a dog nicely to stop barking. You can either rip a substantial piece of flesh out, or teach it consequences to barking when it is inappropriate.

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VGPolyglot said:
It sounds like the manager is just trying to increase profits by using free labour.

That's just great business sense. We shouldn't criticize him for that.

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