Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kirby Star Allies is fastest selling Kirby game in UK chart history

Great news, but I'm a bit skeptical on sales regardless of the milestone. UK isn't a great gauge for Nintendo software sales.

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People like to say that the UK is one of Nintendo's weakest markets, but the Switch is actually doing really well there.

Sure, it ain't breaking records like other territories, but that doesn't matter. I think people forgot how much of a craze the original DS was in the UK. Hell, the Wii too even.

It's doing fine for what is considered a "weak" market. I've asked people in my college about the Switch and they actually seem interested. One person even owning it, apparently.

I often check how games are doing on the NA, EU and Japan eShop And Kirby was in the top 5, 7 Days before release. For reference, not only do we have way more games on the Switch now so it’s harder for a game to get up there, but even Skyrim and Xenoblade didn’t do that. Yes, Kirby is more popular than Xenoblade and Skyrim is an old port, but those two so far have sold a lot of copies.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this Kirby does over 2m. Especially if Nintendo decides to give it some DLC down the road. It would reignite interest in it, kind of like how the Octo Expansion reignited interest in Splatoon. (It had been out of the top 15 charts in NA and EU and after the announcement it’s been hovering in the top 7-12 spots) and it went from #14 in Japan to around #6.

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Well thats good then. Game looks a bit boring to me though so im skipping it.

Nogamez said:
Well thats good then. Game looks a bit boring to me though so im skipping it.

No problem, the 2nd game will probably outdo Star Allies knowing what they did during the 3DS, Gameboy/SNES.

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zippy said:
Also worth noting that 4 of the UK top 10 are Switch games, 3 being evergreen titles it would appear. Shows that Nintendo are making bigger strides in one of their weaker markets.


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Only managed a quick go on Kirby over the weekend. However tonight I've managed to get a few hours in and it's one of the most charming games I've played. Really well put together and the elemental combo's are really well done. Don't get me started on those graphics, they are utterly gorgeous.

Did they post any concrete numbers yet? Either way, good news for Kirby



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More great news for the Switch.

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