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Forums - Music Discussion - Help identifying a song (song link provided)

I heard a song during a certain current sporting event. I don't want to say which because rights and stuff (my Youtube vid was taken down despite it being an unlistd video...). Anyway, looking for help. The song was heard faintly in the background. It is thus not very clear and has a lot of ambient noise that prevents identification. I've submitted the audio to all the audio identifier sites I could find. No results.

I think you would have to know the song. Trying to make out lyrics hasn't been very successful. "Can you hear me", "can you heal me", "can you feel me" ? it's hard to make out. "Children", "champions" ?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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When I go on the link it has a play button but nothing plays and it says 0 minutes.

It doesn't work for me either. However, I do remember this thread from a few months ago, it did work back then. But the audio was way too unclear to recognise anything, sorry.

I think he's probably long forgotten about this by now, but you never know. Maybe it's been haunting him for the past 6 months.

Why didn't he just ask Siri?

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It's Sandstorm by Darude.

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