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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fortnite hits 3.4m Concurrent players!

Really happy for Epic to have another big success.

The market for battle royale games is about to explode when EA, Activision and Ubisoft jump on the bandwagon. Wouldn't at all be surprised to see Call of Duty and Battlefield have the mode in the next releases.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Call of Duty: Battle Royale title released within the next 18 Months.


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Dallinor said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

It’s free. It takes 3 platforms to exceed PUBG numbers on one. When it launches on PS4 the numbers are going to skyrocket.

I know it’s natural to compare them, but they really play nothing alike. But I quit Fortnite long before PUBG came to console and now there’s no point in going back, I watch people play and it still has the same shit loot system and shit gunplay that made me quit playing. I don’t think it would be nearly as popular without that free factor.

Yeah PUBG will continue to grow, but Fortnite is far outpacing that growth and likely will continue to from here on out.

Player count was 2 million concurrent players 2 weeks ago. Up 1.2m concurrent players in 14 days. They had 5 million new players sign on in 4 days. Over 45 million players. Up 20 million since November.

The game hasn't even launched in China yet (the biggest market for PUBG).

Fortnite is a much better game all around, better updates, more variety, even a better visual style. The problem PUBG might find on the PS4, is that it's arriving late, an existing game in the genre has had a huge amount of time to establish, and it's not free.

Can't know what the growth of PUBG is because we're comparing all three platforms Fortnite is on versus only one platform PUBG is on. But I mean... it's the trendy new genre and it's free. Of course it's going to be wildly successful. You can look on Twitch and see all sorts of shitty PUBG clones that have a lot of people playing.

They announced 2 million concurrent players a couple weeks ago but said it hit that "recently", so who knows when it actually did. We can just agree to disagree about the quality, I bought Fortnite day one for the "campaign" mode and greatly enjoyed the BR add on when it came out, but quickly tired of the shit gunplay and shit loot system. I uninstalled it well before PUBG came out, so it's not like I don't play it any more just because PUBG is out. I simply don't enjoy it.

I don't think PUBG will have any issues when it launches on PS4, unless they go crazy and it takes like a year to hit. It's too massive a game. It's sold very well on Xbone and there's a larger audience for online shooters on PSN, it's going to sell a fuckton.