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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - D3 Publisher announces 5 Switch titles

Any of these have any good reviews? The Romance ones seem promising.

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That puzzle/Escape the room game looks interesting

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I will pass...not enough cardboard :)

SegataSanshiro said:
Ok, finally some shovelware. Every system has it but as long as it's not half the systems library like Wii then meh no problem.

Why would that be a negative symptom? Shovelware is a sign of platform success. It’s why Steam has so much of it.

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I ask myself if the tennis motion control is anywhere like Wii Sports. I crave a good motion control sports game. But probably not, looks somehow crap.

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My gf loves Otome games, she will be happy about this.

Post a "now for real" one if they announce EDF on NSW...

...unless they have and I missed it.

"D3 Publisher announces 5 Switch titles"

*Opens thread, expecting something to impress*

*closes thread, after giveing things a quick glance over, and pronounceing it all as crap*


Why even have a thread for 5 crappy games?
This would be like someone makeing a thread about "Life of a black tiger" to hype it up.

Any HD rumble for them Otome games?

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