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SuperNova said:
andisart said:
Surprisingly I have come to not want my Switch games on cartridges anymore either. The convenience of just having them in the home menu is just too good. Wouldnt have thought it, cause switching a cartridge doesnt sound like a big hassle, but for some reason I prefer not to have to do it. Exception will be: fullprized games that I am unsure if I will enjoy and may want to resell.

I'm in a dilemma here, cause I love the convenience of Digital, especially when on the road, but I also love having a physical item. I especially dig Nicalis Switch relieases, wich come with gorgeous little manuals and other fun stuff. is sooo convenient. I wish there was a system that allowed making a single digital copy of a physical game tethered to your account. Of course some people might exploit it an sell on the physical copy, but it would be nice. I refuse to double dip just for digital.

I'd pay a small sum for a digital version though, maybe a 1$-5$ 'upgrade fee' in order to have the option....sigh...

They could have it where after say... a week you had to remind the console that you had the game still by reinserting it, would allow a few people play the same version of the game by passing it around but still it could work.

but yeah... when it comes to the convience factor of it, I really just love having a machine in my pocket which has all these games installed on it at any point, just pull it out and play away. (as I've said, Zelda lives in the cart slot and where they are on my list you can see that Puyo,bomberman, lego city and skylanders have suffered from being cart based games)

and with the exception of Doom / Skyrim none of them have really taken a huge toll on the 128GB SD combined with the 32GB system memory, still have room for another few AAA games on there, thinking Bayo 1+2 in feb should fit nicely in the remaining space without issue.

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Splatoon 2 outselling SMO? Yep, there are definitely SMO shortages in Japan. I know 3D Mario isn't that popular in Japan, but SMO on the last Media Create was reported to sell 1.3 million in 2 months. That surpasses all expectations for a 3D Mario title, and will probably, in the long run, end up being the best-selling one there, dethroning 3D Land.

Or Nintendo has some serious problems with Japan supplies in software
/hardware or they're just doing it on purpose ...

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