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Forums - Movies Discussion - Persona 5 the Animation to air in April 2018


The Persona 5 protagonist’s official name will be Ren Amamiya. The same name is being used in Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.

The announcement came via today’s “Persona 5 the Animation Super Secret Information Reveal! Broadcast Special” on AbemaTV. Starting in February 2018, AbemaTV will host one broadcast per month.



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Yay, the dood has an official name! Now I can use that when I play through the game finally

I've been waiting for it since the first announcement. Nice to know that it will release in the first half of the year so the wait won't be very long.


R.I.P. everyone who named him Akira.

Hiku said:
R.I.P. everyone who named him Akira.

Adios manga canon :P

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