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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will PUBG Be the Best Selling Game in 2018?


Will PUBG Be the Best Selling Game in 2018?

Yes 7 43.75%
No 7 43.75%
Probably 2 12.50%
Results 0 0%

The game came out this year on early access and had 20 million sales on PC in early November, sold 1 million copies sold on Xbox in the first 48 hours and has over 30 million players between PC and Xbox.

With the game now being 1.0 on PC I think sales will stay consistent because most optimization issues have been addressed and they plan on adding new maps and modes to the game. On Xbox I think the game will have great legs and it looks like its getting weekly updates so it will continue to attract new players and keep old players coming. I also think that it will come to PS4 in 2018 and that will give the game a nice sales boost. It's 2017s best selling game and I think it will be 2018s best selling game.

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Or you know, a new game will steal it's thunder and everybody will jump on the next "hype" train.

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I think RDR2 will be the best selling game of 2018.

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I think there is a good chance that it will be.

If I had to predict, I would predict it being second behind RDR2, but I won't be surprised if it ends up being first.

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RDR2 is coming out that year, so no.

I don't think PUBG will sell over 20 million in 2018.

Not gonna lie, answered yes cuz i thought it said 2017, and its just a fact at this point that its the best selling game of 2017. I don't know about 2018 though.

Literally had 2 paragraphs written out but deleted them cuz i felt like it was way too long.