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Forums - Sports Discussion - XFL may be coming back

This is Vince McMahon we're talking about here. I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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Atleast it isn't that bloody body building shit if it does ever happen to come back.

Still won't watch.

Lex Luger sucks.

VGPolyglot said:
I don't see how this could happen, with all of the issues with concussions and the like in both the NFL and WWE, why have a football league with even higher risk for injury?

exactly why it could catch on better the 2nd try.... there will be a greater disparity between the "type" of football played in NFL versus XFL. 

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Now's as good a time as ever to try and bring it back, with the NFL faltering with all the hoopla of protest/concussions/increasing competition and people turning to other forms of entertainment. I'd definitely check it out if it came back, if only out of curiosity. I watched the 30 for 30 on the XFL and liked some of the unique ideas they used, liked how it was a sort of grittier, more theatric NFL. I just think they was a little overboard with the wrestling type stuff, as I'm not a fan of wrestling and many other viewers weren't either I'm sure.

I think if it does come back, it should work either as a minor league for the NFL, OR go even more different with it if they decide to have it as an independent league that's meant to compete against the NFL. Make it an arena football league. Maybe redesign the helmets somewhat so they're more protective and less impactful to minimize concussions. Maybe even add some video game type flair to appeal to millenials, an audience the NFL is somewhat struggling with - ie, add some flashy digital images/projections into the mix, change the rules/scoring to make things more fast paced and straightforward. Adding theatrics is something I think would be cool, just not so much with the wrestling angle.

I think the league was sort of ahead of its time with what it was trying to be, but now in an age where video games are becoming more integrated as a mainstream for of entertainment and advances in technology you've got all sorts of cheap/accessible ways to broadcast like Twitch/Youtube/online streaming, I think they can make it work utilizing these features.


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