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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost Of Tsushima - Things We Learned

Mystro-Sama said:
arcaneguyver said:

Horizon took 7. Not saying this will, but...

The fuck do they need 7 years for? Last gen you could develop two games in that timespan.

New IP, new setting, new engine (in the case of Horizon), etc. Horizon didn't actually need 7, but it spent some time in the 'concept oven' while most of the devs were still working on the previous title. As far as 'Ghost Sushi' goes, it sounds like the environment is finished, the gameplay is still being worked on, and who knows how much of the story has been nailed down aside from the core concept. 2019 sounds plausible IMO, especially with Sucker Punch working with Japan Studios.

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hope the open world aspect doesn't spoil it

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Qwark said:

According to a dualshockers article, it's in development for over 2 years. Also the swordplay is somewhat ready and Shu played it. The game is also much bigger than Infamous second son.

There is also no chance this being even close to a release date. So mid 2019 to begin 2020 is my estimate.

I doubt.... this game would have been in development at least since 2014

but hey, its soony we are talking about here and they are infamous for delays so 2019 doesn't seem too far fetched