Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 geting a Nostalgic PS2-Style Dynamic Theme for 2.99$/€

I rather just have a theme that would make a feminist seem like they have torrents if they saw it.

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Really nice, might get it, would have been nice if they gave it for free lol.


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I like my persona themes, and I like this PS2 style theme, and I really hate to choose. hmmm I wish there is a way to randomize your themes whenever you start up..

Damn looks good. Getting this on my Pro.

I don't spend money on themes, but that's pretty neat.

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Lawlight said:
Bristow9091 said:

Not needed whatsoever, please don't bring unrelated things into the thread.

OT: This looks really cool, I'd probably end up getting it just for the nostalgia, lol.

That’s a odd post to moderate. That’s like cracking down on jaywalkers but let murderers roam free.

OT: This might be my first theme purchase.

It wasn't a moderation, nor a thread warning, I just don't like going into topics and seeing posts that could "potentially" derail the thread, in this case it could have become a PS4 vs Switch thing, lol. 

OT: Might be my first theme purchase too... I've got a couple of other ones that came free with games and stuff, but I don't really count those.

Well it does look good. But... pay for a theme? Not a fucking chance!

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Let's get really nostalgic and make it free.

Does it still function as a clock? It looks like does from the screenshot. I'll be getting this.

I'll pass.

If they do a PS3/PSP XMB (and change all icons to XMB) I'll pay for that.

But for a normal theme? Nah.

Besides I dont even use themes, still rocking the default theme since I barely see it to begin with, instantly play a game and thats it :p.


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