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Wagram said:
Why hello my old.....friends?

I remember your Avatar. Hello back.

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so wheres this forum?

Whatsa... paid email?

Hunting Season is done...

One thing I loved most about GAF is how active it was, it reminded me of GameFAQs in its peak years. I just hope the registration process isn't like GAF's, I don't want to wait years before my account gets activated.

funny thing about all this is: Gaf has grown in numbers since the shit hit the fan. Was about 193,000 now its over 195,000 members

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maverick40 said:
funny thing about all this is: Gaf has grown in numbers since the shit hit the fan. Was about 193,000 now its over 195,000 members

I'd say a shit load of active members banned though.  


And evil lore probably approved a shit load of people on the waiting list to boost the numbers and try off set some of the activity from the people who are gone. 


Anyway,  long term gaf ain't going anywhere. 

Carl2291 said:
Theres nothing wrong with how they want to run the new forum, and letting people know who is running things.

A big problem people had with GAF was how it was once very welcoming, but some time through 15/16 it descended into what we know today. The people who pushed that behaviour can have a forum of their own. People aren't forced to join it.

Another haven for ex-GAF seems to be Slaent. Which is a lot more like old GAF.

There's a lot of options open to people. You don't have to go to this far left forum.

Indeed Carl.If you had even a slightly different opinion, a lot of people would come down on you hard, with four stones in each hand and you´d probably be banned....I bet a lot of people there would have a problem with your sig.

Zoombael said:
Whatsa... paid email?

Emails for domains that are paid to keep running, companies, educational institutes and so on have them for their employees/students.

DeuceGamer said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
A new forum with the same mods ? no thanks xD

I think I read it has Nibel, Zhuge, and Shinobi onboard as mods? They weren’t mods on Neo Gaf, but maybe that info is incorrect.  Not sure what to think to be honest. If the leave politics out, or don’t ban everyone who may respectfully disagree, then it will be interesting. 

Thats even more reason not to join, to be honest fuck the likes of shinobi etc, when gaf gave him a platform for his attention seeking and get followers with the leaks he got from there he never complained, but after he tried to do damage control for gaming companys like bioware and bethesda and got called out he bitched and left with his tail behind his legs. Trying to do damage control on the turd mass effect andromeda because he got it free and have firends there, he is basicly a PR idiot for some companys  He is one of the rats that got happy with all this because he saw one oportunity, they all want to be the new Evilore and travel the world 250 days a year.

I am gona stick with vgchartz for now.


Lawlight said:
Nemesis1993 said:
LOL the salt here are strong,I hope I don't have to wait as much as before to get accepted again,and more focused in games and less in politics

It looks like the same old shit. Enjoy your poltics in gaming topics.

let me clarify one thing, when I made this comment I thought it was Neogaf changing its name, it was a confusion of mine, I have no interest in this ResetEra because they will be formed by the users who spoke the most about politics,I joined Neogaf and Vgchartz, as well as other forums I've visited in the past, because I like games and hate entering these forums and seeing all this drama and politics, when Neogaf came back on the air and started all that show of suicide accounts and users jumping out I laughed a lot, basically staying who wants to talk about games like us, time will tell, but I hope it ends all the politics there or at least slow down a lot.