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Forums - Sales Discussion - August 2017 NPD Thread ! Switch Won

Jaxyfoo said:
Tag. No doubt we won't get numbers again. Thanks to the people who came into last month's thread to attack the sources....

That and ethomaz thinking it was a good idea to post the numbers on GAF.

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Miyamotoo said:

We getting results tomorrow, right?

It seems that Switch had bigger shipments world wide in Avgust compared to July, so I expecting that Switch sold 250k+, and thats probably best selling hardware for month.

I'm expecting a similar outcome as well, with ps4 being a normal August and Xbox being down quite a bit from last year, since the S released last August. 

sethnintendo said:

I don't watch live TV often but it seems like Madden doesn't get advertised much these days. I only watched a game or two of NFL last week but don't remember seeing any Madden commercials. Perhaps they did the stupid pregame match ups using Madden simulations like they used to but I usually skip halftime and pregame shows.

One more thing.  Fuck Madden.  RIP NFL2K

And should it really? As an exclusive product, it faces no threats as an unchallenged franchise. Shoveling loads of marketing dollars at it doesn't make sense any longer. Sure they can spritz in enough ads just to shake up apathy and see if people are awake. But, it's like advertising oxygen... you can officially take it for granted.

I can't believe there are going to be generations of people that will never experience a competing NFL video game franchise, and that's a real god damn shame.

So, Noobie really is getting the NPD thread this month? I guess Boutros is going to have to start racing others for it in the future.

Useless tag as leakers may very well be extinct.

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Amazon has August as a win for Switch. So that seems most likely. PS4 has a shot though. Xbone should see a substantial drop year on year.

Having to post from mobile here... Torment!
Is the YTD ( as of July) sales at 1m for Xbox one ?
Hope we get a 3ds sales leak again or even better, Nintendo apprise them of us because on last monthNew 2ds xl had just two days on the npd tracking...


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Is it ok if I just drop my tag right here? Thanks!