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Forums - General Discussion - #MakeGohanGreatAgain!!!

For those who want change, For those who want to be heard, For those who miss the time when he was the best #MakeGohanGreatAgain

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Nah, Gohan is lame. Vegeta's #1




It makes perfect sense for Gohan not to be the strongest anymore... he was never a fighter at heart and was more of a book worm. His incredible natural talents and need to protect his family/friends yielded some amazing results, but in between those moments he's not going to be spending 24/7 training like Goku and Vegeta would.

We need a new form though but not God.

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Piccolo needs an overhaul if anyone.
Saiyans being on top of the ladder gets tiring, there is over half a dozen universes. Make it interesting!

With that... Dragon Ball Super is not as great as Dragon Ball Z anyway, massive plot holes, terrible art, lots of ret-con, bad choreography... List goes on.

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I lost interest just after Goku became Super saiyan for the first time. once he became one which is supposed to happen every 5000 years or something like that, every Saiyan just starts becoming one for fun, it made the "super Saiyan" seem less legendary and mystic.

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