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Forums - Sales Discussion - I have some target data if anyone wants it

Basically I work at Target distrobution center...they have this thing called a tabletalker..kind of a newsletter that sits on break room tables, it listed "hot selling toys" at target for the past Christmas season, stuff like Tickle Me elmo, etc, with numbers. So anyway it said: 102,000 Wii's 43,000 PS3's. That's for the whole chain AFAIK. Oh and no 360 data was included. Maybe some sales guru can use or extrapolate this data in some way. Anyway, it's data, and unlike NPD 100% accurate. Though, I bet NPD tracks Target as well. Anyway.

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What is the exact time frame?

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I dont know but I would assume, basically from lauch of those systems through Christmas or so.

If you can get January figures we could project January nationally... I wanna know how bad the shortages have been this month.

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If you can get Jan numbers and stuff each month as Square says that would be great!

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Nope I def cant get monthly. This was a one time deal.

Shame! Although thanks for the data you have managed to get!! If anyone does have access to snippets of data like this please let us know, the more info we can get the better