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It's hiralious.

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I don't know how truly representative that is of the AI in each game, but I laughed my ass off anyway XD

I've not played either, so could someone who has offer some insight on this? What's being shown in the GT portion seems like basic path finding, which i'd have thought is easy to implement and comes with minimal resource overhead. Is the lack of it in Forza 6 intentional in specific circumstances, or does it in general act this way (and if so, why?).

oh boy...

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Youtube link?

JRPGfan said:
Youtube link?

Thanks !

I didn't realise Forza had such terrible AI. Looks like the AI thinks it's playing Destruction Durby.

I haven't played a Forza since the original on the Xbox. Isn't the A.I. considered to be good for the most part?

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actually the Forza AI feels more lifelike - that's exactly what happens in online matches