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Forums - Sales Discussion - Record setting year for Nintendo?

Will Nintendo set a new records for revenue and profit this year? The PS2 had some great years, but it didn't have the benefit of gangbuster PSP sales. Sony is not nearly as big a software publisher either.

Nintendo has two successful hardware platforms AND is the biggest software publisher. They are going to average 3-4 million hardware units a month AND they are going to sell ungodly amounts of software. I'm thinking Nintendo is going to completely shatter past records.

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They already break some with the fastest growing userbase in the firsts months.

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Have no fear, Japan numbers are coming very soon

Quite possibly. DS sales may (?) be down a little (or maybe not) - but they will get a full year, of the rampaging Wii this year (software + hardware sales). They may set a record - but only until next year, I think it will be ever better (more software sales, larger Wii base, reduced manufacturing costs per Wii, etc..).

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Absolutely. This will be a record setting generation for Nintendo.

Yea know, it's great that Nintendo is making all this money, but I wish they would treat us a little with it. Maybe enlarge their development staff. Buyout some companies and famous former Nintendo titles. Like Megaman... (That game was brilliant, but Capcom managed to rape it of its pride.) Research Wii motes that can be recharged???!!!

Speak for yourself, Nintendo has made me enough to buy a new car!

That's a foregone conclusion. They've already made Guiness for fastest selling gamesystem with DS. 40 million in 28 months or something like that I read in that Game Informer blurb. John Lucas

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yay for companies making truck loads of money of u?

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