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I made a thread talking about microsoft upcoming console and mod CGI quality keeps locking it. At first i made it an official thread (apparently i was supposed to ask him for permission first)

Then i made a thread talking about scorpio that was not offical and he locked it. I keep reporting him for derailing and nothing happens to him.

He told me to post in the official xbox scorpio thread (which does not exist)

This mod does not allow positive discussion of microsoft consoles.

Look into my last couple posts and you will see how unfair microsoft is being treated by the mod.

I hope someone looks into this!

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Did you know there are 3 million illegal Xbox posts on here? You should look into that.

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Users need approval from a mod to make official threads, they can also reserve a thread in advance.

Project Scorpio Thread has already been reserved by a user, your second thread would have served exactly the same purpose as the Official Scorpio Thread (Which hasn't been unlocked yet) just because you removed "Official" from the title doesn't make it any different.


Locking thread.