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while i wanted to preorder mario kart just yesterday i was shosked first i went to ( )and i found no price no release date no way to buy the game there after that i checked (

and it has a realease date but no way to buy it !!

after that beeing totally frustrated i looked the german site of amazon (

and saw it april the 18th man this is just so typical nintendo isnt it? 

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11 april im standing in the store... no matter what happens

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That actually wokrs out better for me as I will have the cash by then rather than having to dip into my savings.

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NA is still listed everywhere as April 27th.

As for PAL, I don't see any official news of a delay.

So this delay is only for PAL or is it for all?

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The official Nintendo of Europe website still shows April 11th as release date.

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HMV will have some tomorrow.

As long as they don't delay it in NA I really don't care.

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supermario128 said:
As long as they don't delay it in NA I really don't care.

 Send me your NTSC Wii + SSBB and I'll send you my PAL Wii + MKWii on the 11th.

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hey be glad ur getting it first!!

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