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Out of nowhere:

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The PS5 Exists. 

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Most pointless trailer of all time, absolutely awful

Thought it was an official game when I saw the title. T_T

Not really out of nowhere, there's videos from 2015 on there too. Never heard of it before though.

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Yeah, this was announced a number of years ago, a fan made game which they're letting use the IP so long as it's released for free. Unfortunately I seem to remember them saying it was just going to be the multiplayer, which is a shame, but I'll certainly check it out when it's finished, but given that it's a fan made hobby project that could be a while.

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Video doesn't work.

Known about it for awhile, expect to be disappointed. Especially if it is only the multiplayer too. Really just want them to re-release the trilogy as PS2 on PS4 games, or as an HD collection on PS4/X1/Steam. Whatever, just re-release them already.

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