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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ubisoft's Endwar: revolutionizing console RTS?

Now I wasn't too interested in this game really, even though I was happy it was going with a relatively current setting or at least a near future one (unlike C&C and others), now I am interested cause it seems that they are going with a brand new way of controlling the game:

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About time. I always found the controls on the console to be terrible for RTS's. And yet, they kept coming to consoles. Its a good move by Ubisoft.

Very good move if they can do it right, I agree.

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DonWii said:
About time. I always found the controls on the console to be terrible for RTS's. And yet, they kept coming to consoles. Its a good move by Ubisoft.

 Real Time Strategy was an enigma for console makers. Here's the problem:

1) Thanks to the PC, RTS is a genre that has clearly proven itself to be extremely popular and worthwhile. The potential is clearly there to turn this into a genre like RPGs or FPSers that rakes in billions of dollars.

2) Controlling RTS games with a D-pad sucks. 

Resolving those two issues has been difficult for game developers. They want to be at the forefront of the popularization of this genre, but they also don't know how to make the controls work right. Hopefully this will solve the problem!">">

WOw ,if they do this right it can be a true revolution ...... And ...SHOCK without a Wiimote ,tought by some as essential to add originality to gaming ....

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You guys ever played Odama? It's an RTS/pinball mishmash for the Gamecube where you give orders to your guys with a microphone. I'd say voice recognition definitely has some potential in gaming, and works relatively well, although I did feel awfully silly playing it. I'm very curious to see how they handle combining the traditional controls with the new ones. It says "controllable with voice only," but they'll probably use the standard controller for something. Otherwise it might end up a bit like "right right right righ-shit not that much! left lef-oh crap right select up up up left go deselect down down down left left..." =P

No it also says you have the option to use traditional controls, or voice you decide.

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For me, this only depends on two things: 1) is this for PS3 also 2) Will Warhawk be realesed in Europe with that bluetooth headset bundled, and will I get that rather than download it Anyway, given the difficult times in the past for RTSs on consoles, hopefully this will be a way to make it work

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Yahh its for PS3 it better support mouse/keyboard.

I hope Blizzard are on to this with sc2, Iv always wanted to shout in the heat of battle "BattleShips3 to location 5. Engage!" Whilst destroying my mate in location 14 with ghosts. Ahh the potential if they dont screw this up.

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