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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MP3:C screens

A few screens released by Nintendo. Nothing special IMO. A little shiner than the GC games.

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I dunno...I'll see once I'm playing the finished's not going to be the leader in supreme graphics, but I don't care.

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I was expecting better, but I'll wait for future screens and video, cause usually video looks better than screens...

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Put them in this thread...

I still haven't seen a screen of MP3 without resizing artifacts.

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I've always heard screenshots from MP games have been pretty bad, while the videos are usually much better.

I think they look pretty crap. I'm getting more worried that Nintendo are turning this into a Wii version of "Hunters" (DS) - as much as I enjoyed that game (and think that it has a solid multiplayer online mode), its NOT what I want to see in this game. I want to see an engrossing, challengin, deep single-player mode.

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