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Yes, that is a thinly-veiled subject question - I'm looking for some more novel ideas for a couple of more people...


But perhaps some of you are, too. So, I'll start:


1. Budget gaming laptop (That's right, Mummelmann)

2. A food-and-dining tour at a nearby, large city, courtesy of Cloud9living (lots of good stuff there, like indoor-skydiving).

3. A dash-cam.

4. A T-shirt from a favorite TV show.

5. A bust of Nelson Rockefeller.


Don't let me down, Chartz.


To lavish praise upon this title, the assumption of a common plateau between player and game must be made.  I won't open my unworthy mouth.

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Retro Colocovision.

A B+W Wonderswan.

Generic Tablet.

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A Lump of Coal.


Basil's YouTube Channel


Digital Photo Frame
PSPGO full of Piracy
Skylanders Imaginators
Minecraft Lego Sets
Magic The Gathering Cards
Tickets to a local Aquarium
A Doogee F5

tons of chocs and smelly stuff for people....

Christmas Dinner for my Parents.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

I gave myself this:

Although I still have to wait til next Christmas. Looks fun, though!