Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When do you think the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be released?

When do you think they'll relase the D/P remakes?

2017 6 6.00%
2018 45 45.00%
2019 18 18.00%
2020 9 9.00%
2021 2 2.00%
2022 0 0.00%
2023 0 0.00%
2024 1 1.00%
Never 13 13.00%
When the OP stops being a slop bucket. 6 6.00%

Fire Red and Leaf Green were released in 2004 and since then every remake has come out 5 years after each other.

I think this trend will continue and D/PR will be unveild in 2019 after the first main series Gen 8 title(or maybe they'll throw a curve ball and do a S/M sequel ala Gen 5).

I won't complain if i'm wrong and they comes out sooner ;)

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Hopefully never.

I'd rather the recourses go else where. The first ground up Pokemon game for Switch will be a huge undertaking

Maybe 2018? I'm not sure what Gamefreak will do after Sun/Moon, besides the Stars rumor, and that's rumored to be released shortly after the release of the Switch.



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Could do, I hope they do release it sooner. My guess is they'll realese the Switch version of S/M, bring out the Gen 8 game in 2018 and then do D/P remake in 2019 and then take a break for year.

28th of october.

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If the Star rumor is true, I hope Gamegreak releases the D/P remakes for the 3DS in late 2018, then the Platinum remake for the Switch in early 2019.

Pokemon Stars-2017

Gen VIII-2019

Diamond/Pearl Remake-2020

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Assuming that Stars is real and is releasing in 2017, I assume we'll see the D/P remakes in 2018.

2017 or 18

Wonder if the Stars rumor is true..

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2018-2019, Switch only. I'd hate to see D/P/Pl remakes as restrained as Sun/Moon are on the 3DS.

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