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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Call of Duty IW Hasn't Been Doing to Well On XB1

Not goodconsidering the teams have three year cycles compared. Withto respawn with a two year cycle and out scored them in quality

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Well, I would be happy if other games outpace CoD, but I doubt it will drop fast

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walsufnir said:
Kerotan said:

Where did I say it was good?  


Although it clearly is in some respects,  good for Sony and good for PlayStation gamers who will have the vast majority of the playerbase on their servers, keeping them more active for years to come.

I doubt there should be any worries for Xbox, to be honest.

If you want the most active servers on multiplayer games then there is.  

B1 and CD:BO3 are still holding the top spots on xbox live with CD:IW in 3rd place.

Reaper2170 said:
I don't think its been doing well all around, check out the steam stats for the steam version its horrendous, coupled with the recent news of the poor first week sales in the UK. Though compared to other games its probably still doing great, just not regular call of duty great

CoD games never sold great on PC after MW2. I remember playing Ghosts on PC on its launch day and it only had 100k players online peak


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Infinite Warfare is the most played game on Xbox Live now.