Forums - Nintendo Discussion - This Switch leak back in July is horrifyingly accurate.


They got everything from the detachable controllers that act as separate single player controllers, to a hybrid handheld screen that has a docking station for home console. They even predicted the Tegra processor, cartridges, lack of backwards compatibility and 720p screen. 



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They did do a fancy imagining of what the Switch would look like but this is basically the Eurogamer leak from July.

The Eurogamer report is extremely well known.
Pretty much everyone on this site knows about it.

I saw a comment on either Youtube or Vgchartz that asked if Eurogamer's sources were the CEOs of Nvidia and Nintendo, lol.

This is just someone's video of the eurogamer report. Are you the author trying to up your add revenue?

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And certain people on here were adament that the Eurogamer rumors were untrue when the Morpheus X300 was revealed. They assumed that because that technology had already existed that no way would Nintendo copy it. Certain people were also adament that the NX/Switch would not be a hybrid either.

I don't know why Nintendo decided to wait so long to unveil the Switch as the rumors pretty much revealed it all for us months in advance. In fact, the "hybrid" rumor came out well over a year ago and it's not like the reveal video was anything elaborate.