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Forums - Sports Discussion - Rio Paralympics 2016 medals table. How well did your country perform?

Wow why is China so dominant in paralympics?

I'm a little surprised the US didn't wind up with more with all the handicapped leagues and organizations we have, but I've no idea if this total is high or low compared to their norm.

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Most medals ever !

1 Gold. I am surprised .

More importantly, those athletes just impress the hell out of me. I read about one Belgian woman who has a degenerative spine condition that's left her unable to sleep more than an hour most nights. Most of them have some incredible stories.

6 in total. Not bad at all. I think that's more than the... uhm... "healthy" athletes (??) did.

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I don't know exactly how well we did but I know we did excellent for the size of our country. Lots of medals.

Well done to all who supported their development.

Damn good. Better than the other Olympics, even though in the end that had a pretty good result as well. The media here is getting pissed on because they barely broadcast anything.

Netherlands got a 7th place on the medal table and had the second best performance in the Paralympics ever, after 1988 or something I believe.

17 gold, 19 silver, 26 bronze for 62 medals total.

14 golds, 29 silver and 29 bronze.
much, much better than olimpycs, and i dint know why.

melbye said:
3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze.

Same country as me. (Norway, 32nd).

I would have loved to watch it, but sadly to my knowledge pretty much all of the Paralympics was behind a cable paywall.

Anyway, looks like the US took 4th.


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