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Forums - Sports Discussion - Rio Paralympics 2016 medals table. How well did your country perform?

Has anyone else been watching the paralympics? I've been watching it alot, just as much as the Olympics. The closing ceremony happens in an hour. Here's the final medal standings:





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My country, Brazil, is at 8, with 14 Gold, 29 Silver and 29 Bronze. 72 Total

Better than expected, tbh. 13 medals total, 5 of which are gold. (Greece)

Britain, 2nd on the table. Not sure if they have improved or not.

Very good actually, 15 medals in total.


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I live in the US, which took 4th. I have no idea if that's better or worse than their average, to be honest. 

Waaaaaay better than the Olympics. We closed with only one bronze. This time we're at 7 medals, 3 of which are gold. Sports aren't pretty much our thing here in Morocco.

3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze.

Pretty good, 31 medals in total, 11th on the ranking.

Less medals than London 2012 (42) but one gold medal more (9) and 6 places higher on the ranking.

14th with 8 golds and 29 overall so that's pretty good

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