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Forums - PC Discussion - Warcraft Vanilla vs Legion Comparison

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I'm too poor for wow lol i played till level 20 and it was a good game though

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To be honest, the game that released 12 years ago is not part of it anymore. Vanilla was completely replaced with Cataclysm. The oldest piece of WoW in-game is Outland from the burning crusade expansion.

lol For the people criticizing the graphics, they were brilliant to adopt such a simple, unique, adaptable art style.

Playing it on max settings today I still find the graphics to be more than adequate; it's just colorful, fun, and full of that recognizable Blizzard personality... It's hard to describe but you always know it when you see it heh

If they'd gone the more realistic route it'd have aged terribly as those games tend to do, would have been more difficult to update, and would have been straining computers this entire time. As it stands, the game looks great 12 years later and is easy to run.

Methinks they made the right call. :p