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How come Dead Rising 4 was missing exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10? is it coming to PC or will be made available to PS4. 

Regardless of exclusivity this will be a big holiday title for Xbox One. The xmas theme of the game should also help boost it's sales when it release in NA this December. I love Dead Rising 3, lets hope they fixed most of the glitches this time around.

Can't wait to play it in Co-op, Microsoft play anywhere is great to allow me to play with friend that will never buy an Xbox one but own a PC.  

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

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I interpretted it to mean it was also coming to PS4 (and PC ofc, but that is obvious). I'm sure we'll get some clarification eventually.

I believe it's because it's releasing on steam, so not just win 10 but 7 and 8 as well.

Oh I didn't notice... that's interesting. Then it is either coming to Steam or PS4 or Both.

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Dont really know

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It's not coming to PS4.

Big boost to Microsoft Holiday lineup if this game not coming to PS4.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

Odd the cover says "xbox one exclusive" since you know - it's not?
It is also going to be on windows 10. That makes it a "xbox one console exclusive" like recore.

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Doesn't Capcom own Dead Rising?

Danman27 said:
It's not coming to PS4.

Well, its not Xbox One exclusive...

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