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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite song from sonic?

Personally, I thought "Misty Lake" from Sonic and the Black Knight was one of the best songs from not only sonic, but from video games in general.



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Final Boss, Phase 2, Sonic Colours

One of my all time favourite tracks in any game. So unbelievably epic.

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I love City Escape and It Doesnt Matter (Sonic Adventure 2 version, i think its more fast paced)

I also really like the theme of Sonic Unleashed but I find orchestral music much more appealing

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Sonic games always have amazing soundtracks. I have a lot of favorites, but I guess "Never Turn Back" from Shadow the Hedgehog would be my #1.


City Escape

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Aquarium Park from Colors, City Escape from Generations (I prefer the redone version), Volcano Valley from Sonic 3D Blast is also a personal favorite. There was somebody online who did a "generations remix" of both acts of Volcano Valley and it's phenomenal.

There are a bunch.

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Boy this is hard to choose...

Jungle Zone
Star Light Zone

After that it went for another route music wise, so I'll keep those as my fav from the old, true Sonic style.

All time favorite is Chemical Plant Zone, though Flying Battery and Scrap Brain zones are really close.

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