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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review Thread - MC: 93 / GR: 92.70%

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GribbleGrunger said:

Careful folks, someone just got banned from my impressions thread and I'm assuming it was because he joined just to spoil the game. Don't answer any PMs from people you don't know.

Thanks to the mod that acted quickly.

Yep honestly people that spoil UC4 should be handled that way.

Since I'm a positive guy I'll go against the stream of low scores this gen and risk a 95 fully knowing the series have been higher.

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I'd say 95 but higher would be awesome!!

Seeing how I nailed Star Fox Zero I'll give this one a shot. I predict a 93.

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i think it'll be a 96

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Whats the time tje embargo lifts, in GMT...

Also 96 :)

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