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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review Thread - MC: 93 / GR: 92.70%

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I'm seeing a 92 metacritic. Just a feeling.

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I'll go with 95. I have a feeling it will get close to Uncharted 2's universal acclaim, but with critics getting harsher and harsher over time (it's the hip thing to do right now, to be overly critical of the most insignificant things ever and blow them out of proportion, gaming critics are getting more and more snob in this day and age), I expect the game to be rated a little lower than Uncharted 2, even if it's a better game than anything else in its genre.


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There's a Youtube review up but I advise you not to watch it. He gives story set up details from the first three chapters. It's 29 minutes long and contains scenes we haven't seen. He gives it 9/10 by the way. Please don't post it here because someone is bound to mention something and this is one of the last threads I can now go into without spoiling the game.


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Reviews in about 20 hours :) I'm gonna guess 94

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Biggest game on metacritic with 93 is that game on users score it has 6.8
Recently i read, i make the mistake actually, one review about aliennation that say the game is repetitive but the game offering randomised enemies, stronger alien bosses, challenges, generated levels, alien hideouts and different “World States” on new game+
So my prediction is 69 because the Reviews 69 the Gamers and the games.