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Maybe it's funny if there's some context to it and an explanation with it, but when you log in to a site that you try to make a positive contribution towards only to discover that you've been temporarily kicked off it with no explanation then it isn't very funny at all.


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it can be funny--like AOA getting into the millions in the hole


ferret - possibly they could have mistakenly banned you. I've went to quote someone before and accidentally quoted the wrong person. like i accidentally quoted the person above the one i was going for.

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Sjeez kirby

You're like a broken record with that.

samething happen to me, they took 1000 vgs with no reason, but DKII fixed already... but at the beggining it was not funny

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supermariogalaxy said:
Montana did that to Soriku, although he was joking around and just purposely made Soriku lose some money...It's funny, actually..
It was a 1 day ban with only $25 lost, and I admitted to it, but this is a more serious problem.




Kirby crying over weezy again.....pathetic.

If this happens in the future please PM DKII since he can refund your money. You certainly didn't earn the ban and sorry for the inconvenience. It's being discussed by the mods, so don't worry. We'll find a way to deal with it.