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Man, the ads on this site is starting to annoy me, please change them....

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Use this.

As long as they are not ads with sound, I'm good. Those are the spawn of the devil.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Ads that pop-up, make sounds, or disrupt my time of my browsing, are the devil.

Darwinianevolution said:
As long as they are not ads with sound, I'm good. Those are the spawn of the devil.

A thousand time this!

Please excuse my bad English.

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We need a a Vgchartz Red. A paid version with no ads.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

Use uBlock, Adblock Plus has sold out with their acceptable ads program ...

another thread about the crappy ads on this site, another thread full of posts to use ad block, and another ad ioi will lock because he doesnt want to admit the sites ads are fucking annoying.

i remember when i made my version of the "this sites ads are fucking annoying". people recommended ad block, i will recommend it as well.


Edit: the last "shitty ads" thread, that was locked without no reason given by a mod, as they always explain why a thread is locked, because ioi locked it

Definitely get ADBlock. I waited until about the past month to finally get it. Man did i wish i got it sooner. The only ad that i see now, is occasionally the one that pops up across the top, when u visit the site. All of the rest, are blocked.

Is this a petition for VGChartzCare? Where peons get ad-free VGChartz?


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