Forums - NSFW Discussion - Would you have sex with another Sentient species from Fantasy/Sci-fi?

Would you have sex with another Sentient species from Fantasy/Sci-fi?

Yes. 67 77.01%
No. 7 8.05%
Maybe. See results... 13 14.94%

Trying to think of Alien species that isn't just "Human with pointy ears" from Star trek..... Mind goes to Jabba the Hutt.... well fuck you too brain of mine.

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Samus would count by your rules. So that be a choice for me. But you're really asking if you'd date someone, like say in Guild Wars 2 or LoL. It really depends on personality of the character, for me. Like say a young kid likes Anne. Would Anne be an ass, and torment him with her bear? Or would the bear just scare some prick assholes. Who make snarky comments about them. Even with Samus. I'd be somewhat hesitant. Because from movies and comic books experience. I'd probably be captured by Mother Brain, or Ridley. If they exsist in the real world. Their problems exsist too. One positive thing is no one would go near either the two of you. If you dated a male or female Yatuja (Predator). And could be the planets super hero. So we'd make good money.

Wright said:
Airaku said:
Could you imagine the mind orgasm from an Asari?


It could kill you.

I have a strong enough mind to handle it. What a plot twisting mind fuck that is :P

I'd do a mutant but mutants are just humans with genetic variance not normally found in the gene pool. That aside; Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and other humanoid Tolkien species are fair game for me. Hell, I'd do more animal-like species too like Mermaids and Centaurs. The really hard part, for me anyway, would be doing something non-humanoid like a Dragon but that would really, really be case sensitive to me. If it's like Fire Emblem where Dragons have a humanoid form, sure but other dragons.. coin toss it.


Pixel Art can be fun.

really depends on what the alien life is like but a humanoid life that this:


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How about amazons like Wonder Woman? Because that would be my pick lol.

Gimme that hot sweet Gardevoir ass!

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Easy list.


Chiana Farscape.


Trance Gemini Andromeda

I could say also from Andromeda Lexa Doig as she is a computer ;p

From farscape and SG1 i could say that she is not human in both ;p


Still not human ;p


Spoiler ! still not human.


Sure, why not.

If they're hot enough. I'm a very shallow being.

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