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resistance 2
killzone 2
R and C
heavenly sword
fifa 09
pro evo 09
vegas 2
motorstorm 2

thats my pick

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I wouldn't call some of those certain, but good list nonetheless.

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OT :  Good post there FilaBrasileiro. Oh yeah you should get FFversus13 off that list, that game won't release for another year or 2 in Japan and I think Suareenix said FF13 will release in Japan around September, no? If so, it will easily reach 2 million by year end in Japan alone ;)

Gonna be a great year!

Okay so I'll do the same thing but I'll ONLY use unreleased games.

Certain: GT5:P - 1 million pre-orders I think I've heard
GTA4 - doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess this one
Haze - It'll sell 2 million
MGS4 - Same comment as the GTA4 one.
Killzone 2 - In 2 weeks, go ahead and quote me
Little Big Planet - It'll make it
FF13 - If it releases in '08, it'll be 1 million opening week (total worldwide)
Getaway - 1.5 million minimum
LA Noire - Its a Rockstar game
Motorstorm 2 - It won't sell 3 million like its predecessor, but will do 1 mil
Socom Confrontation - Duh
White Knight Chronicles - Looks cool

I'm back...

I think these from the list will reach 1M this year. I agree with the choices in the certain list so i'll start with the possible going down.

SOCOM Confrotations
Madden 09
WWE Smackdown 2009
GH Aerosmith
Killzone 2 (I think it should be added to certain)
Tekken 6

SW: TFU has potenital to and i'm not too sure about the last remnant.

Wasn't killzone said to have sold 2M?


 I believe nikos said add dbz burst limit because every game on the playstation has wen't over 1M. We shall see if this keeps up though.

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zeldaspimp69 said:
kingofwale said:
NIKOS_SE said:

ANYWAYS,i think u should also add tekken 6 ,tomb raider underworld,Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit,Saints Row 2(maybe),sillent hill V, Soul Calibur 4, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed,Street Fighter IV,

Tekken 6 won't be released this year.

Tomb raider Underworld is for 360 only, I think, please let it be true.

Dragonball Z is a bit too niche a fighting game to be a million seller.

Saint Row will not be a good enough game to be a million seller

Silent Hill 5 won't release this year.

StarWars might be the only one with the possibility

Street fight IV won't release this year.

tomb raider has sucked for like 10 years, and hasnt even sold like 1 million combined.

dragon ball Z will not even break a 1/4 a mill, the PS3 is too hard of a gamer system fro games like DBZ, mabey on the wii it would havea chance.

saints row 2 will be AMAZING, if its as good as the 1st.

silent hill is generic survival horror, and wont do well.

star wars will prolly be good.



 the last 2 tomb raiders didnt suck at all,if u take a look at metacritic they are both above 80%,and they always sell 1 million, even the angel of darkness did which got sth like 52% and sucked,and for the record tomb raider legend sold 2.6 million in just 5 weeks.

dbz tenkaichi 3 has already released on the wii and its total sales are very low,also burst limit is awited from fans as it has the best visuals for a dbz game 

I think Tekken 6, MGS4, Gears of War 2, Resistence 2, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Fallout 3, White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII and Grand Theft Auto IV will all sell atleast 1 million copies WW

Added all the games that people suggested and removed FFvXIII as hali23 suggested, I thought about it and there's no way it'll make it, I'll cross the games that make out and bump this thread ever so often to see how well we guessed.