Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dreamcast 2 Team: Project Dream Is About Reinventing Sega, Already Has A "Really Good Hardware Guy"

Turkish said:
Sega can only return to hardware business if it partnered or bought out by a tech giant like Apple or Samsung. Kinda wish Apple bought them out though, with a company like that it'd probably end Sony's console reign. Apple console would still outsell if it cost $100 more. Apple's billions would make every Sega classic come back and ensure all the 3rd party deals from Activision etc.

I agree with your point that for any Sega console to exist and make it in this market, they should be bought out by a tech gian. I don't agree with the Apple part, Apple would make it an overpriced turd console, like every product that they make. Samsung would be a way better option.

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So these are just a bunch of people who want to make a "Dreamcast 2"? This is not even backed by Sega, right? Why do we even get articles about this? This project has zero chance of success.