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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumour: Star Fox Zero Facing Development Niggles, Another Delay Could Happen

spemanig said:
A delayed game is always good, gaiiz.


Miyamoto's own words bitting his ass.

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Metroid33slayer said:
Delay it, if it still sucks delay it some more. The last thing the starfox fans want is a poor game that will kill the series for good.

It's too late for that. You can't fix a game like this. It's bad from the skeleton. Delaying won't solve anything. Putting it down and make something better will.

They won't do that, though. Bye bye, Star Fox. See you again in 10 years.

Well, this is new.


just ditch the motion controls, its not like anybody is gonna use them anyways.

I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed, though it would be a real shame.

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Miyamoto & his team is responsible for adding something nobody actually cares about? Color me surprised...

Star Fox deserves a proper chance at success. It has potential to be a Nintendo staple but releasing a poor entry for the sake of innovation is going to ruin that.

Delay it, fix the issues, & release it for the next console. Sure, a slightly enhanced Wii U port won't look as impressive graphically as a built from the ground up game but the game would be better off regardless if these rumors are true

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It's been reported already that motion controls are NOT mandatory. If you complain about an option, try using traditional controls. Here:

Why are people still thinking there's no other option?

This is not even surprising at this point. From bad console design to not realizing game development actually requires a plan to even releasing teasers for games 4+ years ago. Nintendo does not know what they are doing. They are like John McCain when he forgot how many houses he owned, just too old and too out of touch.

Just another game announced by Nintendo far too early.

Guys, it's not the motion controls that cause them a headache. It's the dual screen setup. Motion controls are easy to learn and they are optional so that's fine. But the dual screen setup is *not* optional, it is a core part of the game. And it's too complicated for an arcade shooter, apparently. And that's why they are having trouble with quality management.

I was reading that although it took some getting used to, the motion controls were the best controls. I believe this was from Nintendolife.

There's rumors of multiplayer? Hopefully that turns out to be true. Worried that the Mario Kart 8 battle mode team is developing it but its better than nothing. And Arwings can easily perform U-Turns and most importantly can fly anywhere... unless theres a huge building blocking you in the middle of the map. But they wouldnt do that right?