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Forums - General Discussion - VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - Round 4

Damn, thank you guys... leading a tough round like the last one means a lot. And congrats Reim, totally deserved. s2

5p - Golf
4p - Trucks
3p - NinjaPirate
2p - Nero
1p - Blackheart

You all look great tho!

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This if a tough one.

5p TruckOSaurus - is your house on a 45 degree angle?
4p Nero - old man beard and boyish good looks works surprisingly well.
3p Ninjapirate - nice glasses and good beard.
2p The_BlackHeart_ - looks like a cover shot from a corny boyband album. We might need to recruit you for the VGC boyband that some of the guys are putting together.
1p - golfgt170 - I don't know why I'm brave enough to give you 1p because you look like a fucking nutter.

5p ninjapirate42
4p nero
3p The_BlackHeart__
2p golfgt170
1p TruckOSaurus

PS: I love nero's blue beard.

p5 - nero
p4 - ninjapirate42
p3 - golfgt170
p2 - The_BlackHeart__
p1 - TruckOSaurus

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5p BlackHeart
4p golfgt
3p ninjapirate
2p nero
1p Trucks

Got some cuties up in this one!

5p - nero - Cute dude with a blue beard?
4p - golfgt170 - A returning hottie from last year.
3p - TruckOSaurus - He's a stud
2p - The_BlackHeart__ - Good looking guy, but out of proportion photo is kind of distracting.
1p - ninjapirate42 - Not a bad looking dude either.


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5p - golfgt170
4p - The_BlackHeart__
3p - nero
2p - TruckOSaurus
1p - ninjapirate42

Congrats to Lippe+Reim!
Daaaaamn my round is full of goodlooking guys aswell :(
GL to all!

5p - Ninja
4p - Nero
3p - BlackHeart
2p - Truck
1p - Golf (even a nude pic cant help this guy get more points)

HylianYoshi said:
5p - golfgt170 (Bonus points for looking like Tom Hardy)

Best compliment ever!