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yes i love it, we get countless stream of games

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Are you being ironic?

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Street Fighter is the only one of those that's actually noteworthy. Microsoft brought the guns this past holiday so now its Sonys turn.

"(+ the better naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 version?!)"

.............. *reads that*.......*looks up at the xbox one store* ......... *cant tell if serious*

This is simply a troll thread, why you make the PS4 look so bad and forget games like Megadimension Neptunia and Croixfleur Sigma?


But honestly if you not care for PS4 you probably don't care about half of those games and the rest you could put down because of being remaster etc. 
Also you could add games like Cobalt for xbox one but their are so many not reatail or not big games getting a release for consoles that I even can't follow it anymore.

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Nintyfan90 said:
Street Fighter is the only one of those that's actually noteworthy. Microsoft brought the guns this past holiday so now its Sonys turn.

Firewatch, The Witness and Gravity Rush aren't 'noteworthy'?

This isn't going to end is it ...


The PS5 Exists. 

You probably should've left off the "better version of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4".

Yes, PS4 is having more games released. That is not debatable. What is debatable is the quality of the releases being offered. I love Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and I'm buying Street Fighter V. However, there are others who may not feel the same, obviously. Still, I'd rather play most of these smaller PS4 games that will not be on Xbox One than most of the big game releases anyhow, so yes, I'm in the camp of "PS4 has more games and more games I'm interested in". Others may not feel the same and that's perfectly fine.

You do seem to have a fascination with trumpeting the PS4's library, though. As much as I do enjoy many of the games being offered on the PS4 (that will not be on the One), many of them won't make a huge difference in sales. A lot of the games being offered for the PS4 that are not on the One and are smaller games (ie NOT Street Fighter V) will be lucky to sell 200k+. Hopefully, their localization budgets are not too high and they're sold for profit.

Quantum Break will more then likely be better then any of the games you listed. Also I have the Porsche expansion pack in Forza 6 coming out on March the 1st that will keep me busy for at least 20 hours probably a lot more.

So quantum break and a bit of Forsa 6 DLC beat everything Sony has in the same period including the likes of Unchartered 4 and Ratchet &Clank? Sounds about right...

Nothing is better than something ...



The PS5 Exists.