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Forums - Sony Discussion - Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle Announced

GribbleGrunger said:
BraLoD said:

So you are using expressions you don't even know what they mean just for the sake of using them...

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

There you go.

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GameStop. Pre-ordered.


Getting this as soon as I get my tax return lol.

Damn. Why do I have to be an early adopter? Every console I own is vanilla except my halo 3 360 "ugly" and my sega sports dreamcast "once you go black"

It's nice and I want it!
Still 500GB tho eh

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The controller is underwhelming af.

Terrific. Wait, 500GB in U/C?

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ReimTime said:
It's nice and I want it!
Still 500GB tho eh


QUAKECore89 said:
Terrific. Wait, 500GB in U/C?

Yeah, it's 1TB in Europe.


The PS5 Exists. 

Gg on the ball again. This looks very nice and I like the fact it just say 'Uncharted' without the 4 on the end. I never get why people buy some limited edition consoles that will be out of date within a few years. BLOPS 3 LE console for example.

It looks fantastic !

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