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3p - Outlawauron
2p - Platina
1p - vivster

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(Looks at avatars)
What a diverse user base we have.

Well that was quick. Last round was only 13 hrs 😦


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Damnations - too many animu, otaku, weeboos, waifu hunters and favorite users of mine ;(!

3p - Outlawauron
2p - Vivster
1p - Platina


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3p: OutlawAuron
2p: Platina
1p: Vivster

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Looks like this is the blue haired girl round.

3p - Hatsune Miku (love her)
2p - Vivster (love him too)
1p - Outlawauron (Don't see him much lately :c)

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3p - Platina
2p - Outlaw
1p - Vivster

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3p- Outlauron (even though he hates me)
2p- Platina
1p- Viv

3p Outlaw
2p Platina
1p Vivster

When is my round?

iceland said:
3p- Outlauron (even though he hates me)
2p- Platina
1p- Viv



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