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I know most on here will say VGC but I wanted to know if there are any other good ones out there?  I tried to visit neogaf and ign but those sites are filled with the usual old attacks.  I would say VGC because the modding is done better than most video game sites and they won't let you get away with just talking shit.  You have to at least talk shit in an educated, eloquent way with facts backing you up.  I also enjoy NintendoLife but I don't feel any sense of community there.  I don't even bother with the forums and mainly use it for news and reviews. 

Anyways, what video game site do you enjoy the most?

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NeoGAF cause of the gaming discussion threads, OT topics, news announcements and the funny general discussion threads like the WWE threads.



Edit: Non-forum wise - I would say Siliconera since that is my favorite source for Japanese gaming, PC gamer for PC gaming, Gematsu for additional news and IGN/Kotaku for stuff that I would miss or is pretty crazy and not seen in other sites.


I would say Joystiq but they got absorbed by Engadget and never was fan of that site ;(! RIP Joystiq


Basil's YouTube Channel


If pure for news I enjoy visiting

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VGC is the only one I visit so of course this site is the best


I really like Gematsu for gaming news (especially Japanese ones).

Forum-wise, my favorite is VGC of course.

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When it comes to forums, this site obviously.

Besides that, I like getting news from sites like NintendoLife and MyNintendoNews. is my main there's a writer there named Raming (spelling) aka the prince. I love reading his stuff and he writes a lot. The news there is fast too. They love Nintendo and it really shows. of course! :p

Forum wise, I mainly use VGC

News wise, I use Nintendo Life and My Nintendo News

Game help and walkthrough wise, I use GameFAQs

Nothing is really the 'best' but they are sites I like/prefer to use

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Lol I don't even visit other video-game sites .

Only Zelda Universe sporadically (like, really sporadically), but I'm not sure how much that counts as a "video-game site". And even then, VGC is more interesting.

Lol i was just thinking about creating such topic. O used to visit Ign for news and reviews, but it got so ad heavy, with some useless and idiotic articles. These days i visit eurogamer for news, and i like those digital foundry analisys (out of curiosity).