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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What game in your opinion deserve a crossover with John Cena ?

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Many here know John Cena , the WWE mythical fighter and of course one of the great current Memes , in your opinion what game would get a good crossover with John Cena ?


John Cena Example Games:



John Cena Anime Intro:


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The Legend of Cena obviously


The Legend of Zelda: John Cena of Time

Metal Gear Cena 3: Champ Eater

bet: lost

Mortal Kombat x John Cena


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Left 4 Cena

Everybody's Cena

Pokemon C

Dying Cena

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So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"

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If John Cena was in Smash Bros, he'd be more broken than Meta Knight in Brawl! xD

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JOHN Cena Third.

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He needs to get into Project X Zone 2!

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