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Forums - Website Topics - Will the numbers be on time this week?

Often I get the impression (perhaps an unjustified one, i'm not sure) that ioi is later than usual with the numbers when there is a holiday.

So will the numbers be on time after Easter ioi?

It's cool if they arn't, but I have to do something to try and ween myself off this site a bit, so knowing when numbers will go up so I don't stay up all night for something that isn't coming would be a start.

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i highly doubt hes going to read this now since it's 8:45 AM over there  =P

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Hopefully the numbers come up on time. I wanna see if Gebx wins his bet with 360's american sales.


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Amen. God it will be funny if Gebx got 12 people banned.

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I hope that they are early of course, but it really does not matter exactly when they come, sometimes you just have to patient

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What did Gebx bet? That the 360 will beat the Wii this week? WW? Wii will win in every territory. I have some prelims of my own and Wii is looking to pull in 320,000-350,000 WW.

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