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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Good Games Would You Not Want to Play Again?

Wright said:

Never say never! However, this thread reminds me of the InFamous games.

They're all great games, but I have already beat them all twice on 100% with both karma paths. I have no desire of going back for a third playthrough in any of those, because, well, I've pretty much exhausted them.

I never said never though! :p

But I guess it's implied

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Yeah, I agree with ya Plat. I wouldn't play those games again.

People say Tales of the Abyss is good, so that would be one of the games I wouldn't play again. I'm not really enjoying that much. So it's not one I would play again.. : X Also, Fatal Frame 2 and The Last of Us. Games claimed to be excellent, but I personally could not play again o:



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ZombiU ... but you never know... I could just put the disk back in and beat it again.

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Probably Twilight Princess, I'll play it again when the HD version comes out and then I'll probably be done with that game for good, while it is a great game it's still my least favorite Zelda game =P

Also, any Lego game I've ever played, they're good but not something I'd ever like to replay.

Ultrashroomz said:
Hmm, I'm not saying that I'll never play it again. but probably Xenoblade Chronicles.

Not because the game is bad, after all it's my #1 game, but it's so long, and to start up the game all over would be an extremely big time sink when I could be playing new games.


Lmao I'm 60 hours in and haven't finished



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The game is a Masterpiece from every angle, but it stole my soul. The journey was amazing and i will never forget it, i finished the game with 100 plus hours on my belt.

The pressure is what got me, there is not one second where you can chill out with this game besides the safe area. Every time that i put down the controller i felt tired, you have to be on point every second of the game. Honestly, it was too much for me.

Maybe in a couple of months i will be able to grab another Soul game, but as of right now i don't feel like it.

Again, Bloodborne is a 10/10 on my book, im just not used to the type of game.

It pisses me off because Dark Souls 3 looks amazing. Maybe from here to there i will be ready for another hardcore experience.

Grim Fandango is one such game. I love the characters, dialogue, music, and visuals. Most of the puzzles are a pain and lack context, though, and I'm not interested in going through them again.

Also, despite loving the Musou series, I can't go back to my favorite Warriors games (Samurai Warriors 1 and Dynasty Warriors 3) because of the vast gameplay improvements of the later ones. The newer ones are so much more faster, smoother, and overall play better.

The Last of Us, both Portal games, and all the Uncharted games. For TLOU and Uncharted, I feel the gameplay isn't worth going through again for the story. Portal's fun derives from figuring out each of the puzzles... Once you figure them out, there's no replay value to doing it again.

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