Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Good Games Would You Not Want to Play Again?

We all have our preferences on which games we like and dislike, some with better replay value than others..

What are some games that you enjoyed playing but would not want to play again, and for what reason?




For me, I really enjoyed playing Pokemon Red/Blue but would not want to play it again

The newer games expanded on this franchise a lot that going back would be really difficult for me (Exp Share, Abilities, Rebattles, RUNNING SHOES)


Another game would be Skyward Sword

This game is fun overall, but I really struggled with the motion controls... they never responded properly for me and along with the super slow start + tutorials and the silent realm, I don't plan on playing this game again

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Hmm, I'm not saying that I'll never play it again. but probably Xenoblade Chronicles.

Not because the game is bad, after all it's my #1 game, but it's so long, and to start up the game all over would be an extremely big time sink when I could be playing new games.

The Professor Layton Series: Basically because I would have known the answers to those puzzles.


Edit: Unless maybe like a couple years have passed and I completely forgotten those answers =D 

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Never say never! However, this thread reminds me of the InFamous games.

They're all great games, but I have already beat them all twice on 100% with both karma paths. I have no desire of going back for a third playthrough in any of those, because, well, I've pretty much exhausted them.

I'm with you OP. I loved SS but definitely wouldn't want to play it again. Same goes to Dragon Age: Cisquisition.

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The Last Of Us: The gameplay was good too but it was the story and dialogue I wasn't used to in gaming that hooked me. Now that I know the story & interactions don't need to play it again.

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Xenoblade X

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Kid Icarus Uprising, the controls are terrible


As I have played it a second time (I did true pacifist ending for both), I honestly regret playing Undertale twice to the end -- which is a bit odd considering it is a game that plays around game resets.

I don't know. The game loses a lot of its magic on the second play through -- at least if you play through to the true ending twice.

Skyward Sword, and I know because I've tried, and failed to replay it. Multiple times. Also, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Completing the game was an on and off experience over the course of many months, and I feel as though I've experienced it well enough that I don't have to replay it within the decade.

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