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Forums - Sony Discussion - Playstation Vita Media Create Sales (2014 vs 2015 vs 2016)

Week 52 has been updated (look at the start post)!

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And we have done it!

Congrats on sticking with this, sucks companies have dropped the ball with Vita, honestly could have been possible to have yoy growth, if it was better supported.

Think it will be above 600,000 next year? 


All things considered Vita did decently this year, could've been up yoy if it had gotten more support, but still not bad. Hope next year it keeps doing well!


Congrats dude. Excellent thread!

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Take that 2015 week 53 off the 2015 total and add it to 2016 minus the 2016 average, you get 900k units sold compared to 1 million moved in 2015 (minus week 53). Pretty decent hold.

Nice work!

I expect another drop this year for the Vita. I'll say 650k!
But if the Switch gets lots of Japanese games and sells a lot...... Maybe 500k

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